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      4. +86 - 750 - 8230086 / 2035010
        Corp. Culture
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        Management Ideas:Leading technology and quality as the driving force close to the interests of customers and end-user operation of the marketmechanism as the driving force to continuously improve the serviceto help power, and build Gewei brand value.

        Enterprise vision:In the manufacturing of motorcycles, automobile aluminum alloy parts, bit by bit, perseverance and relentless pursuit to help our clients realize their dreams. Also make our own into the motorcycle, automotive aluminum parts manufacturing leader in the field, Guay become an internationally renowned brand.

        Core Value:To go the route of sustainable development, to maintain a strong competitive advantage and profitability, customer success, achievement, achievements of employees. Participate in Responsible Care, honest and trustworthy, for the benefit of the community.

        Corporate Culture

        Service Line:+86 - 750 - 8230086 / 2035010

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